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July 29, 2015

BUC Technologies LLC Welcomes Dr. Fanchon Felice Funk

BUC Technologies LLC (Tallahassee, Florida) welcomes Dr. Fanchon Felice Funk as a new Board Member to its STEM education initiatives: Dr. Funk brings her extensive expertise, research, leadership and experience in STEM education. She brings to BUC over 30 years of management of education initiatives at K-12 and college levels.

Dr. Penny Gilmer, a renowned educationalist and BUC senior education officer stated: "BUC is honored to have Dr. Funk join us, who has unparalleled knowledge and experience in STEM education and will be a key and vital board member to our organization".

Dr. Funk has served in several roles including serving as Associate Director for the Center for Performance Technology, Director of Clinical Education for the College of Education and University, Director of Special Programs for Community College and Inter-institutional Relations for Community Colleges and Director of Alumni Affairs for the College of Education. She co-designed two courses that were offered by THE WALT DISNEY WORLD CO. and The Florida State University. These two courses, "Communicating, Disney Style: Adding Magic to the Classroom" and "Marketing Positive Images About Schools" attracted over 16,000 educators throughout the world.

Dr. Oghenekome Onokpise, another Board member to BUC, commented that Dr. Funk’s extensive experience in development, design and implementation of curriculum would be a major addition to the BUC team.

The President of the United States, George H. W. Bush, recognized Dr. Funk as a "Point of Light" for her volunteer work with Tennis With a Different Swing, Inc. (September 20, 1991, Point # 543). She has received The "Governor’s Presidential Daily Point of Light" Award for ground breaking research with captive swans (November 14, 2005, Point Number #3072).

Dr. James Ammons, former Florida A&M University President, has praised the work and dedication of BUC towards STEM education and praises the growing BUC Board and team of educators.

"I am honored to be part of the BUC Technologies team. The company has a strong dedication towards environmental stewardship and conservation and STEM. I look forward to working with our partners and schools in improving STEM at the K-12," said Dr. Funk.

She has co-authored nine books and has written numerous articles for professional journals. She has also presented professional programs for public and private organizations in more than 25 states, the Caribbean, South Africa and Europe.

Dr. Funk completed two undergraduate degrees from Western Carolina University, receiving a B.S. in Biology and a B.S. in Education. She completed her Masters Degree in Biology and Education at Appalachian State University and earned her doctoral degree in Curriculum and Instruction, with collateral areas in Higher Education and Public Health, at the University of Tennessee/Knoxville.

Partnership and Courage to Envision Different Ways of Doing Things

Mr. Jackie Pons, Superintendent, Leon County Schools

It's about partnership between community and schools in order to achieve success in public school systems, says Mr. Jackie Pons, superintendent to Leon County Schools. Mr. Pons contends that team work between students, parents, staff and community is key for the district to reach new heights and subsequently a Leon County Schools model education system to be emulated by the rest of the country.

Courage to do things differently where necessary is highly encouraged and this includes the use of technologies in his schools. Without fear, unwavering commitment to the students leads the district will go to lengths, to ensure students are prepared "for the challenges of tomorrow." Climate change and the need to conserve environmental resources amidst growing human population is among the major challenges of tomorrow. In response and preparation, Leon County Schools have adopted the BUC technology based interactive modules to teach STEM, sustainable energy, and environmental stewardship.

Leon County Schools is the school district which serves the Florida State Capital, Tallahassee.

Thrasher Law Firm

The Law firm has served Tallahassee since 1982. Committed to sustainability, the Firm has continued to support BUC Technologies educational activities.

Hats off, The Cowboys take Charge on the Environment

Mr. Ben Killingsworth, Principal, Madison County High School

The head of the cowboys, Mr. Ben Killingsworth, tasks his school to “shared responsibility for creating and maintaining this environment is jointly shared among the community, parents, and you,” Everybody’s assistance is called for a pleasant school environment and the education of graduates who will “make a positive contribution to the community.”

Shared responsibility is big part of the solution when it comes to sustainability and environmental stewardship. True to his word of shared responsibility, Madison County High School has taken on the task of educating their students of environmental stewardship through the use of BUC interactive STEM modules.

…Commitment to Excellence Extends to Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship

Mr. Ralph Yonder, Superintendent, Calhoun County Schools

The major rivers Apalachicola and the Chipola, which support among the largest biodiversity and sustain major Florida aquaculture industry, flow through Calhoun County. School Superintendent describes the ecosystems in the county as pristine, year round green, and rolling hills.

As the “Calhoun County School District strives to be a world class school system; preparing today's students for tomorrow's world”, education on sustainable use of environmental resources has become part of their curriculum as the district has adopted the use of the BUC interactive modules to teach STEM. The U.S. News' Best High Schools rankings have previously awarded the District gold, silver and bronze medals. The School District mission “---is committed to excellence, ensuring that each student achieves his or her highest potential in a global society.”

“Tomorrow’s world treasures today’s practices – Let’s provide that treasure”

BUC Technologies Partners with the Wakulla Environmental Institute

Mr. Bob Ballard, Director, Wakulla Enivonmental Institute

The newly created Wakulla Environmental Institute (WEI) has partnered with the BUC Technologies initiative to teach sustainable energy and environmental conservation at K-12. The WEI is committed to protecting the unique natural environment in Wakulla County, in the Florida Panhandle. Seemingly, so Wakulla County would have such an interest in protecting their ecosystem. Wakulla County has numerous sinkholes and several small natural springs, most of them connected with underground rivers. Wakulla is the home to Wakulla Spring, the world's largest and deepest freshwater spring with a flow rate 200–300 million US gallons per day, which is also the largest underwater cave system in the United States. Famous movies including Tarzan, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Night Moves, Airport '77 and Joe Panther were all filmed at Wakulla Springs.

Bob Ballard, the director of the WEI, views the BUC innovative approach towards teaching sustainability and environmental stewardship at K-12 as progressive and essential to Florida.

Raiders with Powerful Intellect Weapons on the Environment

Mr. Douglas Cook, Principal, Rickards High School

The Raiders’ homepage quotes Nelson Mandela: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Visionary, leader and hero, Mr. Mandela’s statement could not have been more true, in the case of addressing one of the greatest challenges of our times - climate change. Rickards High School recognizes education as the most powerful weapon to address climate change and provides the opportunity to every one of its students to learn about climate change, environmental conservation and sustainability across the school.

James S. Rickards High School Mission - “… is to produce graduates with skills and competencies to succeed on local, state, national, and international levels and who are responsible, self-supporting, and productive members of our society.” Raiders principal, Mr. Douglas Cook, is committed to providing supportive learning environment to students through quality programs, instruction and experiences, including the use of real life challenges such as issues about climate change.

Holy Comforter Powers Its Computers to Tackle Sustainability and Environmental Conservation

Mr. Peter Klekamp, Head of School, Holy Comforter Episcopal School

Congratulations to Holy Comforter Episcopal School for adopting the interactive modules to teach STEM, sustainable energy and environmental conservation. Holy Comforter through their iEducate™ program is an Apple Distinguished Program for 2012-2013 school year for an exemplary learning environment and as a center of innovation, leadership, and educational excellence. The school aims to diversify learning techniques and provide the necessary technological tools and skills essential for successful 21st century citizens in global communities. Achieving the Apple Distinguished Program is testimonial of Holy Comforter’s commitment to providing computing technologies.

Holy Comforter is using their strong technology base to teach STEM using the BUC Technologies Internet-based modules with a focus on sustainable energy and environmental conservation. Mr. Peter Klekamp, Head of School’s dedication toward environmental stewardship, shows his leadership through not only encouraging energy saving measures and recycling, but also actively educating students on global sustainable practices and environmental stewardship, through the integration of the BUC Technologies modules.

Ultimately the Toughest “No Excuses” Policy

The boss at Gadsden County Schools, Superintendent Reginald James takes none of that! In their mission to “Building a Brighter Future as We Prepare Students for Success in Life." The district promises “ ... to provide the finest education possible for all students.” Mr. Reginald James accepts “No Excuses” with regards to student education. Likewise, neither should there be excuses when it comes to education on sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Gadsden County Schools is one of BUC’s first collaborators on sustainability and environmental stewardship. The District uses BUC’s STEM modules in many of their schools, including elementary, middle and high schools.

TERRA Supports Sustainability Initiatives in the Florida Panhandle

The Technology Education Resource & Redesign Alliance, Inc. (TERRA, Inc.) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to mobilize the resources, knowledge, and capacity of individuals, foundations, business and industry in shaping and facilitating educational policy, practice, and research for increased achievement in a global environment.

A result of their commitment to environmental stewardship, over the years TERRA has diligently and closely followed BUC Technologies modules development and progress. TERRA has participated in workshops and academies that have used BUC Technologies interactive modules to teach STEM using sustainable energy and environmental concepts.

Having recognized the value of the BUC modules, TERRA awarded a grant to a school district to learn sustainable energy and environmental conservation using the BUC modules.

Capital City Bank Supports Initiatives to Teach Sustainability
Capital City Bank is committed to the communities it serves and supports efforts that protects our local environment and improves the standards of community.

Summer 2013
BUC Senior Education Officer Attends STEM Academy
BUC Senior Education Officer Dr. Penny J. Gilmer attended the STEM academy on June 25, 2013, in which approximately 60 middle school students from selected schools in Gadsden County showcased exhibits and used the BUC modules on renewable energy and environmental conservation. Officials from Technology Education, Research and Redesign Alliance (TERRA) and Gadsden County Public Schools (GCPS) also attended the event.

From left to right:
Dr. Penny J. Gilmer (BUC), Mr. Gene Lewis (TERRA),
Mr. Bob Bruggner (TERRA) and Dr. Sylvia Jackson (GCPS)

East Gadsden High School Summer Program to use BUC Modules
East Gadsden High School broadened their Summer Reading Math and Technology summer curricula and added sustainable energy and environmental conservation education to their program. Mr. Michael Mitchell used the BUC interactive modules with his 11th grade students to enhance the learning experience of his students. Last year the Jaguars had historic grade improvement; achievements they are maintaining.

Mr. Mitchell - Teacher

Gadsden County School District to Host a Renewable Energy STEM Academy
Gadsden County School District located in the Florida Panhandle hosted its first Renewable Energy STEM Academy in the summer of 2013. The six-week course was for rising 5th and 8th graders. BUC personal provided assistance and consulting, and its modules to teach renewable energy and environmental conservation to the program.

Under Superintendent Reginald James’ “No excuses policy when it comes to educating the students within the schools”, the district has adopted very progressive and contemporary techniques in education. The district has initiated several STEM academies across its schools and has both maintained and improved on its grades with two of its elementary schools in the top 25 schools in Florida.

A recent article published by the Tallahassee Democrat quotes one of the District’s school principal’s, Dr. Kimball Thomas, statement, “You have to come up with a viable solution for intended results for issues that need answers and not excuses.” The school district is also looking into the use of technologies such as the BUC software to teach STEM using renewable energy and environmental conservation techniques to move the schools onto the next tier of success. Gadsden County is likely to be home to one of the largest solar energy installation in the US, creating green jobs.

Dr. Sylvia Jackson, K-12 Director oversaw the academy. Funding for this project was in part provided by Technology Education, Research and Redesign Alliance, Inc. a nonprofit organization that supports education.

Dr. Sylvia Jackson - K-12 Director

Forestry And Conservation Education (FACE) Summer Program
Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University, College of Agriculture and Food Sciences will host its annual FACE program directed towards 9-12 graders. The program, sponsored by the United State Department of Agriculture is in its 12th year and educates students on forestry and conservation.

Last year the camp students got an exposure into the BUC Technologies modules to teach renewable energy and environmental conservation and interacted with the BUC professionals. The students were from the following schools Richards, Chiles, Seven Hills, Lincoln, Godby, Florida School for the Blind, East Gadsden, West Gadsden, Florida High School and Wakulla. This year our modules will be used again to teach the students on environmental sustainability concepts.

Connie Newman - Organizer

Plant Biotechnology Courses Uses BUC Modules
The plant biotechnology academy at East Gadsden High is in its second year. The program has a state of the art greenhouse, which is used for educational purposes to provide valuable lessons on food production, ecology and environmental conservation. The experiences have increased the students’ appreciation and responsibility as good stewards of the earth.

Ms. Tracy Champagne uses the BUC modules in her plant biotechnology courses.

Real Science for the Real World
Dr. Penny J. Gilmer led a science project in the panhandle of Florida in which she successfully demonstrated use of technology to improve the learning of sciences for K-12 and teachers. The Panhandle Area Educational Consortium, with whom Gilmer worked, received national awards in technology. Using the technology, Gilmer taught 118 teachers of grades 3-12 through the Internet. Over 89 teachers went on to conduct scientific research the following semester, resulting in an award-winning educational documentary with PAEC on the program. The GEOSET team won the Rich Media Impact Award in Global Reach from Sonic Foundry. The PAEC team also won the Platinum Best-of-Show Aurora Award for Educational Documentary for the DVD on the Sc:iii program, entitled, Teachers Doing Real Science in the Real World.
The full project can be downloaded below.
Real Science for the Real World
Department of Energy Highlights
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